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The Informer

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Calendar of events

Sunday, January 20,  2019

Today's Message

“Do We Honor the Lord?"

by Darrell Bonjour


Coffee and Fellowship

10:00 a.m. Every Sunday

Coffee cart in the back of the chapel every Sunday morning! We encourage everyone to come and enjoy time together before the service starts! 

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Event Calendar

 Check out the calendar of events. Click on VIEW CALENDAR OF EVENTS above.

Offering Report

Budgeted for Jan: $9209.00

Received for Jan: $3619.57

Still needed for Jan: $5589.43


Breann Robinson Jan 17

Mission Offering

Today, and all of January, mission offerings will be given to the Lottie Moon Offering to support foreign missions. Our goal is $400.00.

Save the Date

Church Wide Planning

February 24 - 4:30

Join us as we make

plans for 2019!

Baby Blessing

During the month of January we will have a baby bed set up at the back of the chapel. If you would like to give something to help the Villalovos family with their new baby (coming in February!) please place the item in or near the bed. Examples: diapers, wipes, clothes for boys, blankets etc.

2019 Special Topic Class

If you have a topic to suggest for a special topic class in 2019, please write it on a card and place in the box under the sound room window (blank cards are near the box).


Women’s Gathering

January 27

4:00-5:30 pm

Swopes’ Home

Join us for a special time together as we start 2019. Snacks, drinks and craft provided. See Melanie if you need the address.

Weather Reminder

The van will not run if roads are snow packed or icy. If the van is canceled we will send a Remind 101 and post it on Facebook.

Preschool Workers

Thank you to those working with preschoolers today:

Jo Deane Boyett and Ashlie Montoya

Pray for those who will work next week:

Sandra Sloat and Isabelle Ramirez

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering to help in the nursery, drive the van, help take care of the lawns, or help in some other way, please see a staff member or deacon  


ADC will no longer keep regular office hours. The office will be open by appointment only. Please make sure you communicate with a staff member if you need to access the building.

Bible Studies   


Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:00

Lyons home


Sundays 6:00 pm

Conference Room

Hearing Women

No bible Study Until feb 10

Conference Room